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This is the first official Logan Films Logo. This logo uses the font "Peignot" for its structure and is nicknamed the "Pinball Logo" because of the music which sounds like a pinball machine. This logo has a lot of variations with the colors and no speed variations. It does have a higher pitched variation.


This logo is known as the "L Of Pinball". It says "A Logan Film" and the L zooms into the viewer. It is a favorite among people due to its avalanche of varieties such as filmed and videotaped versions, a monochrome variant, and even a variant with the previous logo's music. It has been reported that there was an extremely rare variant that shows the colors of the L of Pinball flashing


On May 1, 2014, for the first time in 13 years, the Remade "L Of Pinball" was Used As A new logo, nicknamed "V Of Hell" was introduced. This logo was designed by the famed Fuck& Shit studio. The Viacom snake was used for the Logan Pictures byline until 2016. The first variant originally had soothing music, changed to a new-era sounder. In 2015, a newer, slightly creepier variant was created, nicknamed "RoboCom". After 2017, Logan Film's logo no longer existed, it was folded into BBC Weebear2008 Television (now Shut Up Studios), but can still be seen thanks to reruns of classic shows

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